These are challenging times for us all!

Whether you are a leader of an organisation facing unexpected challenges or an individual facing an uncertain future we all need support to help us through these challenging times. Even the best of us cannot do this alone! Reaching out to ask for help is our best chance to rebound from this global crisis.   

We're here to do our part and help support you and your teams through the Covid-19 crisis and beyond. We've reduced all our group and individual coaching rates so our expert executive coaches and trained organisational psychologists can help you and your teams navigate these uncertain times. 


How We Can Help

If you are a leader who...

  • Needs support creating forums to discuss the current situation and outlook with your employees 

  • Needs help managing your own concerns, so that you can be more available to others

  • Are unsure of the best way forward and need an expert to talk with

  • Are feeling overwhelmed, alone or under extreme pressure to maintain results

Our Organisational Consulting or Team/ Group Coaching services can help!

If you are an individual who...

  • Has recently lost your job as a result of Covid19 and needs help navigating your next career move

  • Needs help managing your own concerns, so that you can help support others more 

  • Need help talking through your dilemmas and choices as a result of the virus

Our individual coaching sessions with our Executive Coaching team can help create new ways forward.