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Transition in a world of perpetual change

It Isn’t Just About Process — It’s About People

The world is full of relentless change. Organizations have to adapt constantly to the changing market but remain efficient, innovative, and cost-effective to survive. Teams and individuals are simply expected to change at the same pace or risk getting left behind.


Many organizations have developed internal change expertise – planning, executing, and reporting on multiple change initiatives however, few manage the transition well.

Why are transitions important? Organizations do not change, people do.


Synthesis is Transition Experts. We connect your people’s transitional experience with your change initiatives to enable the organization to move forward as a connected whole.​ 

Synthesis advises organizations on adjusting to change through effective transition management so that the desired changes are achieved.​ ​


We develop leaders' bi-focal vision to align change management and transition management plans – and not to neglect one or the other to achieve the desired outcomes.​


We guide executives behavioural change to support the organization moving forward in an ever-changing world.

We equip teams and individuals with new mindsets and tools to help make sense of their changing environment and their transitional experience, enabling them to maximize their own and others' performance.