Virtual Co-Learning Spaces (VCLSs)

Each Virtual Co-Learning Space consists of 6-8 coaches, facilitators, or consultants committed to continue to learn, grow, adapt, and thrive despite these disruptive times.

Coaches and Consultants will find new reserves of energy to:

  • Manage your own anxieties and fears so they do not detract from the impact you have with your clients.

  • Retain the capacity to support others who are under immense professional and personal pressure

  • Learn to adapt and improvise to the new post Covid-19 ways of working, and

  • Do all this virtually from your home, where at times it's probably difficult to create space to focus.


VCLSs is an open-enrolment group coaching journey designed to tap into the insight and experience of peers. We create a reflective and confidential space to:

  • Share your challenges, dilemmas, and choices

  • Exchange experiences with peers who understand your challenges

  • Experiment with how you show up in virtual spaces and receive feedback

  • Develop a new, active, and committed support and learning network



  • Sessions consist of elements of workshops, dialogues, simulations, case studies, peer-coaching, and self-reflection.

  • VCLSs are composed of six to eight peers, led by an experienced Synthesis Partner who facilitates the sessions online

  • VCLSs meet once a month for 90 mins for a minimum of three months.

  • The facilitation approach is grounded in Synthesis methodologies developed through years of study and application of Eastern and Western psychodynamic practices and theories.


Cost: USD $500 per 3-month journey


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